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One & Only Robot in Gold Trading

Custody Bot

Custody Bot (Automatic Gold Exchange Kiosk) is a robotized ATM size machine used for assaying, buying, storing pawned gold items as well as for the sale of gold coins and small gold bars. This unique equipment can be successfully used in such operations as buying up scrap or gold items, evaluation and temporary custody of precious metals, credit on the security of precious metals and selling invest gold.

Custody bot does duty for account managers, professional valuers, bank vaults and reduces transaction costs with physical gold. All functions are automated and formed into single ultra-reliable, guaranteed, autonomous, safe, ultimately technological robotic terminal. Custody bot is made of 3 mm thick steel and is ATMs styled, has a double vault, equipped with video monitoring and alarm. All sessions are recorded. Transactions are executed via a remote secure server.

Multistage evaluation of metal – spectral assay, air and water weighing, density measurement – allows to achieve maximum appraisal accuracy, verification of metal authenticity and composition, identify purity in just 3 minutes, significantly reducing costs for acceptance, evaluation, and storage of the gold. Double vault offers 100 individual cells plus one large container for the buyup.

Tech Specs

• Time for jewelry evaluation – 3 minutes.
• Money transfer to a client’s credit/debit card.
• X-ray analysis and specific weight measurement
• Storage and issuance of collateral
• (W х H х D) – 31,5 х 70,9 х 31,5 inches.
• Amount of collateral-box units – 100.


This technology will allow the business to accumulate physical gold of retail customers and contribute to further development of trade, resale, expansion of investment gold operations, and accumulation of reserves. Promptness and accuracy of transactions will allow providing the best modern service to customers and prove that with a convenient and reliable buyback of gold, the demand for physical gold sales also increases.